21 Years Factory 2016 China New Design Spring Washers with Color Zinc Plated Finish (DIN127) in Moscow Wholesale to Greenland

21 Years Factory
 2016 China New Design Spring Washers with Color Zinc Plated Finish (DIN127) in Moscow Wholesale to Greenland

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We depend on sturdy technical force and continually create sophisticated technologies to meet the demand of 21 Years Factory 2016 China New Design Spring Washers with Color Zinc Plated Finish (DIN127) in Moscow Wholesale to Greenland, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

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    Cable Tray Basket Type

    Cable Tray Basket Type is made from direct drawn bright mild steel/stainless steel mesh grid structure and available in the following finishes:

    Electro Zinc Coated (EZ)
    Electro Zinc Coated cable tray basket is recommended for use in indoor installation where the atmosphere is noncorrosive.

    Hot Dip Galvanished (HDG
    Hot Dip Galvanished cable tray basket is recommended for outdoor use and more aggressive atmospheres or corrosive environments.

    Stainless Steel (Grade SS304, SS3316 & SS316L)

    Stainless Steel cable tray basket is recommended for outdoor and indoor use in arrange of atmospheric environments and is capable of withstanding a variety of corrosive conditions.

    Features and Benefits
    1. Low Cost
    2. Light Weight
    3. Easy Line Check and Cleaning
    4. Simple Maintenance
    5. Fat Heat Dispersion
    6. Flexible and Fast Installation (able to make tees, elbows and crosses etc. on site
    7. Cables can be secured to Clamps or Ties.
    8. Weight Loading Capacity is 27% Stronger than Traditional Cable Trays and Cable Ladders

    Cable Trays are mainly low voltage, telecommunication, and fiber optic cables supported on short span.

    Cable Tray Basket dimensions are all internal. Standard length is 3 meters and 5mm wire diameter.

    General Specifications

    1. Cable Tray Basket shall be manufactured from steel wires, welded together and bent into final shape prior to surface treatment.
    2. Surface Treatments:
    a. Electro zinc plated for outdoor use to BS EN 12329-2000, 12 microns thick.
    b. Hot Dipped Galvanized for outdoor use to BS EN1461-1999, between 60 and 80 microns thick.
    c. Acid Washing or Electrolytic Polishing for stainless steel.

    3. Cable Tray Basket Widths & Depths
    a. Cable Tray dimensions are all Internal
    b. Depths of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm & 150mm and Widths of 50mm-900mm
    c. Length of 300mm (+0/-3), fit max loading capacity in 40ft. containers
    d. Steel Wire Diameter of 5.0mm

    Basic Construction
    1. Cable Tray basket will be produced extending to the side and along sidewall steel wires with diameters of 5mm.
    2. Cable tray basket will be manufactured with a welded T-junctions safety edge along the side wire of the sidewall.
    3. Cable Tray Basket will be constructed with a 50mm x 100mm mesh configuration.

    Tests, Certification characteristics of the cable tray basket should be tested and the result published in accordance with:

    a. Test Reference: Clause 5.2.6-5.2.9 NEMA VE 1-2002/CSA C22.2 No. 126.1-02.
    b. Test Reference:
    Clause 10.4 BS EN61537: 2007 Cable Management Cable Tray Basket System.
    c. Cable Tray Basket Welding Strength Test
    Test Condition: 23 (+2degC/ -2degC), 50(+50%/ -50%) RH
    d. Electrical continuity across a coupling should be demonstrated by means of a published test method and result.

    a. All Cable Tray Basket fittings (e.g. changes in direction, level and size) shall be constructed on site, to the manufacturer’s instruction, using bolt cutter and fastened using coupler with M6 bolts and M6 flange nut, all surface treated as the cable tray basket.
    b. Cable Tray Basket will be joined together using Kk28 or Kk34 coupler; fast-lock; fast fix splicer; strengthening bar or a corner strength bar. The coupling will have the same surface finish as the cable tray basket.
    c. Cable Tray Basket shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall,, floor, or channel mounting methods and will not exceed maximum loads as specified by the ,manufacturer.
    d. Cable Tray Basket can be safety employed in places where the temperature ranges between -40degC and +150degC without any change to their characteristics.
    e. Indoor Installation- Electro Zinc Coated (EZ) Cable Tray Basket.
    Outdoor Installation- Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) Cable Tray Basket.
    Indoor/Outdoor Installation- Stainless Steel (Grade 304, 316, & 316L) Cable Tray Basket

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