7 Years Factory 12 Years Manufacturer ANSI B18.6.1 Slotted Pan Head Wood Screw supply for Sevilla in Sierra Leone

7 Years Factory
 12 Years Manufacturer ANSI B18.6.1 Slotted Pan Head Wood Screw supply for Sevilla in Sierra Leone

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We support our buyers with ideal high quality products and high level service.Becoming the specialist manufacturer in this sector,we have gained rich practical experience in producing and managing.Our 7 Years Factory 12 Years Manufacturer ANSI B18.6.1 Slotted Pan Head Wood Screw supply for Sevilla in Sierra Leone, We are sincerely welcome good friends from numerous circles at dwelling and abroad come to cooperate!

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    • Direct fit for the 2015+ Subaru WRX and STI
    • Extremely aggressive turbo and exhaust tone under acceleration and boost
    • Designed with oval mufflers to prevent highway drone
    • Installs in under an hour
    • Quad 3.5″ staggered double-wall polished tips
    • Full 304 stainless steel mandrel-bent construction
    • Dyno-proven maximum gains of up to 9 whp and 8 wtq and peak gains of up to 4 whp and 3 wtq, using 93 octane fuel while maintaining safe AFRs on the stock tune (2015 WRX with CVT)
    • TIG-welded to perfection
    • 3″ to 2.25″ exhaust split helps maintain proper exhaust velocity
    • Mates with Mishimoto, stock, or most aftermarket downpipes
    • Made in the USA
    • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

    Model: MMEXH-WRX-15

    Learn how to install your new 2015+ WRX and STI Cat-Back Exhaust!

    Installation Guide:

    Parts List
    (1) Stainless Steel Midpipe w/ 2-bolt flange
    (1) Stainless Steel Midpipe to Y section
    (2) Staineless Steel Mufflers w/ quad 3.5″ staggered double-wall tips, polished
    (2) 2.25″ v-band clamps
    (1) 3″ exhaust band clamp
    (1) 2-bolt flange gasket
    (2) 3/8″ – 16 serrated flange hex nuts, stainless steel
    (2) M10 washers, stainless steel
    Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

    Tools Needed
    12mm Ratchet Wrench
    14mm Wrench
    11mm Deep Socket
    14mm Deep Socket
    3/8″ Short Extension
    3/8″ Drive Ratchet
    Pry Bar
    Silver Anti-Seize Lubricant

    • Raise vehicle only on jack stands or on a vehicle lift.
    • Allow vehicle to cool completely prior to attempting installation.
    • Do not run the engine or drive the vehicle while overheating, as
    serious damage can occur.
    • Please dispose of any liquids properly.
    • Mishimoto is not responsible for any vehicle damage or
    personal injury due to installation errors, misuse, or removal
    of Mishimoto products.
    • Mishimoto suggests that a trained professional install all
    Mishimoto products.

    1. Raise the vehicle off the floor.
    2. Disconnect the mid-pipe from the downpipe by removing the
    two 12mm nuts and two 14mm bolts. (12mm ratchet wrench,
    14mm wrench)
    3. Remove the stock donut gasket by gently prying away from
    the flange.
    4. Disconnect the five rubber bushings for the exhaust-hangers.
    (Pry bar and WD-40)
    5. Lower the stock exhaust system.

    (For installation with a stock downpipe, you will need to reuse
    your stock donut gasket and purchase the Mishimoto Subaru
    Exhaust Adapter, 3” Downpipe-to-Stock Exhaust, P/N: MMEXHADAP-3DSE.
    The stock exhaust bolts cannot be used with the
    Mishimoto exhaust.)
    1. Apply anti-seize lubricant to the two 14mm mid-pipe bolts,
    and then install the washers.
    2. Install the mid-pipe exhaust gasket.
    3. Install the mid-pipe and hand-tighten the two 14mm nuts and
    bolts. Make sure that the mid-pipe is oriented in the same
    direction as the stock exhaust.
    4. Make sure that all five of the rubber bushings for the exhaust
    hangers are properly in place, and then attach the two mufflers.
    Spray the hangers with WD-40 to help them slide into place.
    5. Install the band clamp exhaust onto the mid-pipe. Make sure
    the hardware faces the driver side.
    6. Spray the rubber exhaust hanger with WD-40 and attach to
    the Y-pipe.
    7. Mate the mid-pipe to the Y-pipe and hand-tighten the
    band clamp.
    8. Connect the mufflers and Y-pipe with the V-band clamps.
    Apply anti-seize lubricant to the threads of the V-band clamps
    prior to installing them onto the Y-pipe.
    9. Push up on the mufflers to make sure that clearance is set
    correctly between the exhaust tips and the rear bumper.
    Make adjustments if needed.
    10. Tighten the mid-pipe to Y-pipe band clamp. (14mm deep
    socket, 14mm wrench)
    11. Tighten the V-band clamps. (11mm deep socket)
    12. Tighten the mid-pipe bolts that connect to the downpipe.
    (14mm wrench, 12mm ratchet)
    13. You’ve just installed your new 2015+ Subaru WRX/STI
    Cat-Back Exhaust. Enjoy!

    Mishimoto does not recommend installing this cat-back exhaust
    and the Mishimoto WRX Performance Air Intake with the stock
    ECU programming. It is recommended that the customer retune
    the vehicle’s ECU after installing the cat-back exhaust and
    Performance Air Intake. Power gains will vary depending on the
    type of ECU tune that is applied to the vehicle.

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