China supplier OEM Trending Products ISO7380 Carbon Steel Hex Socket Button Head Screw with Black Factory for Montreal Wholesale to USA

China supplier OEM
 Trending Products 
 ISO7380 Carbon Steel Hex Socket Button Head Screw with Black Factory for Montreal
 Wholesale to USA

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We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market, our China supplier OEM Trending Products ISO7380 Carbon Steel Hex Socket Button Head Screw with Black Factory for Montreal Wholesale to USA, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

  • Christensen & Nielsen Anti-Theft Screw Covers accompany some of our Stainless Steel License Plate Frames. This video shows the simple process of installing them. More information can be found at

    What follows is the transcript of the video.

    Hello I’m Dave Christensen; I’m going to just do a very brief video on how to install these stainless steel theft resistant screw covers that come with your license plate frame that you purchased from us on Amazon. Each of these covers consist of two (2) pieces, one I call the ‘cup washer’ (it’s got the hole in the back), and the other one is the actual cover. The cover fits inside the circumference of this cup washer, and I’ll show you that.

    So I’ll begin by just removing the existing screw here, and how this works is that you place the screw through the hole in the back of that cup washer and then you fasten that to your vehicle. Center it nicely, snug it up, and then you take the actual cover and you place it on there.

    Now, I’m not going to do it because sometimes they are difficult to remove (and I have a removal video accompanying this that you’ll see on the same webpage).

    This cover fits within the circumference of that cup washer. You just place it in there as squarely as you can, it’s going to be a tight fit because it’s designed so that once you put it in there, it’s not easily removed -which is the way it is designed -to be anti-theft.

    So don’t push it in there very hard all at once. Make sure you’ve got it nice and square and then if you need to tap it you can put a rag over there to soften it and tap it on there.

    Now, check it when you are doing it because if it’s not going on there squarely you might want to take it off using a pair of slip joint pliers and try it again. Okay, so I didn’t tap it in. It’s still removable but once you put it in there to a certain distance it’s not going to be easily removed.

    Now, we have heard from some of our dear customers that they’ve received some that go right in there flush (and they are not tight) which isn’t correct. It’s not right -there’s something wrong with it. If you get one that goes in there flush, you can push it in there flush and it’s not tight, and you’re worried about it coming off or something, call us up. Please do call us or email us and let us know because we’ll gladly send you another set to replace that. Okay?

    The vast majority is not like that but we do occasionally hear of one that doesn’t fit properly because it’s too loose… tight it okay. Well we’ve actually heard of one that won’t even go in there because it’s out of shape or something, it’s not often because the vast majority is fine. But if you happen to get one, that you can’t get started in there, please call us and we’ll send you some more but that doesn’t happen too often.

    So if you want information on how to remove these, we have another video accompanying this on the same webpage, as I said.
    Find it here:

    If you have any trouble with fit, if you got a bad one that doesn’t fit -is too loose or is too tight that you can’t even get it started in there, as I said call us and we’ll gladly send you a replacement. Okay?

    That’s as simple as it is; it’s not difficult at all. So with that I’m going to end this video and thank you for your purchase.

    It means a lot to us and if you are happy with your purchase, we’d appreciate it if you could go back on Amazon and respond to the request to leave a positive review –or, I should say a ‘review’ because we welcome all feedback.

    But if you have something less than a positive experience, we’d surely like the opportunity to make it right for you and we can’t so that unless you call us or email us. Communicate with us and we’ll take care of it. Okay?

    Our contact information is on our website:

    Now I would like to introduce our machine Screw
    The machine screws are widerly used in Mechanical Equipments.
    The size rang of our machine screw could be #2-3/8” M2-M6
    The head type could be flat CSK, oval, pan, fillister, truss, hex, hex washer, round, cheese.
    The drive type could be Phil, slotted, torx, square, philp& slotted combination
    This is the stainless steel machine screw with pan head and philp& slotted combination drive.
    This is hex head machine screw.

    Shanghai jian & mei is a pofessional supplier of screw products both in IFI and DIN standard,mainly including Self drilling Screw, Self tapping screw, Drywall screw , Chipboard Screw , Wood screw, Machine screw.
    We keep full rang sizes of screws with different head type and drive type.
    the Materials could be Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc.
    The finish could be Zinc Plated, yellow zinc plated, Black phosphate ,Gray phosphate and so on.
    We can also munufacture non-standard screw according to your specification,drawing or samples.
    We export quality machine Screws to American market for more than 8 years and enjoyed a very good reputation, we are your reliable fastener supplier!
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