Factory provide nice price Wholesale price stable quality A325 Galvanized Heavy Hex Head Bolt with Stainless Steel sale to Sevilla Supply to Kyrgyzstan

Factory provide nice price
 Wholesale price stable quality A325 Galvanized Heavy Hex Head Bolt with Stainless Steel sale to Sevilla Supply to Kyrgyzstan

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We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market, our Factory provide nice price Wholesale price stable quality A325 Galvanized Heavy Hex Head Bolt with Stainless Steel sale to Sevilla Supply to Kyrgyzstan, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

  • Dredge Yard valves are designed, produced and tested under strict ISO and ASTM standards and doubled tested at third party for verification.

    All dredge valves are designed, produced, assembled, tested, painted, greased, packed and transported under close super vision of Dredge Yard team of engineers and quality control. Dredge Yard emphasizes on after sales and ensures total customer satisfaction.

    The dredge valves are designed in three different working duties varying between 10, 20 and 30 bar. The dredge valve has an option of real time feedback for the position of the dredge valve gate.
    Dredge gate valve Features
    •The dredge valve is designed in such a way that there are no fasteners inside the body
    •Dredge valve is made of fabricated high tensile steel and cast steel
    •The dredge valve gate is made of corrosion resistant and hard steel
    •All dredge valves are operated by hydraulic cylinder located on the top of the dredge valve
    •The dredge valve body is stiffened with T-bars
    •The dredge valve body is is provided with inspection holes on both sides
    •Steel reinforced rubber seals are used to seal the pipe when the gate is down
    •Seals can be used both sides and turned in opposite direction when worn out
    •The rubber seals are hardened where necessary to increase the life time of the seals
    •All connections outside the body are bolts and nuts
    •The fabricated body is made from high tensile steel
    •Two flushing pipes are provided in the lower body of the dredge valve
    •Hoisting lugs are provided on the top of the body

    Dredge gate valve Benefits
    •No fasteners inside the dredge valves that can loosen and damage other parts during operation
    •Corrosion resistant and hard dredge valve gate ensures longer life time
    •Steel reinforced rubber seals hardened at both ends to ensure long life time and interchangeable in all directions
    •All connections outside the dredge valve body are bolts and nuts that can be easy replaced without damaging any part of the body
    •Compact design due to the use of high tensile steel
    •Inspection holes allow easy inspection without dismantling the dredge valve body
    •Different duties being 10, 20 and 30 bar to fit the right application
    •The dredge valve can be delivered with visual and digital position indicator
    •Easy handling and installation due to hosting lugs and compact design

    Dredge gate valve Materials

    To ensure a heavy duty design for obtaining a high reliability and efficiency performance the dredge valve are made out of the following materials:
    •Dredge valve body is made of high tensile carbon steel
    •Dredge valve gate is made out of corrosion resistant and hard steel
    •The seals are made from steel reinforced rubber hardened at both ends
    •Lower body is made out of cast carbon steel

    Dredge gate valve Production
    •All dredge valves products are designed according to the customer’s requirements and applications using 3D CAD technologies
    •The design is tested by Dredge Yard experts using Finite Element Analysis. External and internal forces are examined and all maximum possible scenarios are simulated
    •Before making the pattern, casting simulation software is run to verify that all thickness, curves and radii will be obtained and the material will cool down in a good way preventing internal and external shrinkages
    •The patterns are made from aluminum or wood depending on the quantities
    •Casting is done in a clean and supervised environment. All necessary measurements are taken to obtain a good casting like using filters, special cast ladles, and strong paint for the mold surface
    •All castings of dredge valves are heat treated according ISO and ASTM standards
    •For all casting the mechanical and chemical properties are verified at third party
    •After casting and after machining Dredge Yard team of quality control inspects all the parts to make sure that the quality will be according to customer’s and Dredge Yard’s specifications
    •After approval of the products the cast surface is painted and the machined surfaces are greased
    •The packing and transport is done under the supervision of Dredge Yard team to ensure the release of products in the right way

    Dredge gate valve Quality Control

    The following testing and inspections are done during and after production:
    •Chemical composition test at third party
    •Mechanical properties test at third party
    •Measurement test of all dimensions after casting
    •Ultra sonic testing for 20% of all surfaces
    •Magnetic particle tests for critical parts
    •Dye penetrant inspection for critical parts
    •Measurement test of all dimensions after machining
    •Surface roughness test for critical surfaces
    •Hardness test for all parts
    •Assembly test and interchangeability for all parts
    •Visual inspection for all parts

    A follow up video to my Wooden Bandsaw Mill Project video. In this video I take a detailed look at the blade guide design. Many bandsaw mills use the same “sandwich” and thrust guides found on vertical bandsaws. The roller guide is different because the side of the blade is only supported on one side and the thrust is taken care of by a flange at the back of the roller. Typically the roller is set to provide a slight bit of downward pressure on the blade.

    My website: http://www.joebcrafts.com
    Facebook: https://facebook.com/JoeBcrafts
    My Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JoeBcrafts

    More information about the Bandsaw Mill:



    My Bandsaw Mill Project video: https://youtu.be/2SvR8SaWqk8

    A sample commercial version of the roller guides:



    Parts from a local hardware store:
    5/8″ zinc plated bolt with head ground to match bushing OD
    5/8″ ID 3/4″ long bushing
    3/4″ ID washer – size chosen to match the bushing
    5/8″ nut
    Parts that had to be ordered from amazon/ebay:
    5/8″ ID stop collar
    (2) 6202 2RS 5/8″ bearings (5/8″ ID x 1-3/8″ OD x 7/16″ wide)

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