M3-M30 of Nylon Hex Flange Nut with Carbon Steel

M3-M30 of Nylon Hex Flange Nut with Carbon Steel

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M3-M30 of Nylon Hex Flange Nut with Carbon Steel
M3-M30 of Nylon Hex Flange Nut with Carbon Steel
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Nylon Insert Hex Flange Lock Nut,Flange Nylon Lock Nuts,Hex Nylon Lock Flange Nut

Nylon insert lock nuts are hex nuts that have a captive nylon washer mounted in their top to create a prevailing torque type lock nut. The undersized washer forms a compression grip that binds on the threads of the mating fastener to resist loosening. Due to limitations of the non-metallic insert, the nuts cannot be used at elevated temperatures or with certain chemicals but the nylon washer does provide a gas and moisture seal. Various colors of nylon are used; some manufacturers use a specific color. Regular, thin pattern and machine screw nylon insert lock nuts are used in aerospace, agricultural equipment, appliances, avionics, computers, furniture, home and garden, lighting, medical equipment and vehicles (auto, truck and trailer). Heavy pattern types are used on bridges and buildings, in heavy industry, and on oil field machinery and railroad equipment. Nylon insert lock nuts are also known as: 
aircraft lock nuts, elastic lock nuts, elastic stop nuts, nyloc nuts, nylock nuts, nylon insert stop nuts, stop nuts.
 Because the washer largely returns to its original form, nylon insert lock nuts may be reused a limited number of times. Lock washers are not used with prevailing torque lock nuts.
The bolt or axle has one or two holes drilled through its threaded end. The nut is torqued properly and then, if the slot is not aligned with the hole in the fastener, the nut is rotated forward to the nearest slot. The nut is then secured with a split pin, R-clip or safety wire. It is a positive locking device.
Castellated nuts are used in low-torque applications, such as holding a wheel bearing in place.


Products name Nuts(Hex Nut,Heavy hex nut,Flange nut,Nylon lock nut,
Weld nut Cap nut,Cage nut,Wing nut)
Material Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316,SS316L,SS904L ,F594
Steel Grade: DIN: Gr.4,5,6,8.8,10,;  SAE: Gr.2,5,8;  ASTM: A563
Finishing Zinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),Hop Dip Galvanized(HDG),Black Oxide,
Geomet,Dacroment,anodization,Nickel plated,Zinc-Nickel plated
M2-M24:Cold Froging,M24-M100 Hot Forging,
Machining and CNC for Customized fastener
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Busy season:15-30days,Slack seaon:10-15days
Stock Products Carbon steel:DIN934,DIN6923,DIN928,DIN929,ISO4032,Cage nut,Cap nut
Stainless steel: All DIN Or GB Standard stainless steel Nut
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