Quality Inspection for 2016 New Style Low price for Stainless Steel Hex Bolt with Nut for Israel Wholesale to Porto Supply to Macedonia

Quality Inspection for
 2016 New Style
 Low price for Stainless Steel Hex Bolt with Nut for Israel Wholesale to Porto
 Supply to Macedonia

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We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market, our Quality Inspection for 2016 New Style Low price for Stainless Steel Hex Bolt with Nut for Israel Wholesale to Porto Supply to Macedonia, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

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    This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer 2100 603 this is a 3×3 full surface zinc plated screen door hinge, spring hinge. There’s a bit of tension set on this one, going to loosen it right now and since I’m going to do that let’s just go through how you do that, jumping a little bit ahead normally where I would give this part of the spiel, you’re going to set the tension and there’s a image below this video showing the template which shows everything important dimensionally about this hinge but let’s go over setting the tension first, remove the tension to show you this hinge properly , you’re going to get a tension rod, you’re going to insert the tension rod into the holes in the tension collar and you can see inside of there there’s that’s tension pin and as soon as I pull it out the tension pin just got loose so I am going to let it fall out of that hole on to the desk, it did indeed fall out and that’s what your tension pin looks like and now there’s no tension on that spring and I can show you. So it’s a full surface hinge, as you can see there’s no swag on the hinge leafes and that’s just intended to be surface mounted right to the door and frame, that’s what 2100 is, it’s a full surface single acting spring screen door hinge the link to the template below this video shows the, shows everything important dimensionally about the hinge, I’m not going to be liger all the points but let’s just go over it now. It’s 3″, and that’s because the leaf height is 3″, just the height of the leaf, got an overall width of 3″ as well, that’s where they’re coming with the 3×3 part number. There we go, 3″, the 603 means that it is in the zinc finish, zinc plated finish, zinc as you might now is a good corrosion resistant coating plating to put on a steel hinge, so that tells me that it’s probably going to be used in an exterior application or somebody just wants a chrome type color and not, and a zinc is significantly less expensive than a satin chrome finish, now setting the tension on this, tension collar, pardon me, tension rod, tension collar and rotate clockwise in to those new holes that you reveal there you’ll be able to insert your tension pin and it’s a built hard to do but we’ll just drop it into there anyways. That little hole goes into one of the, the little end goes into one of these holes, we’ll stick that in there and we’ll release the tension and it will hold there. And you can continue to crank that over to get more tension out of these. Could be used for either a left hand or right hand door, always mount the tension collar up and always rotate clockwise on the tension collar, screws in a complimentary finish are included, there’s enough there for 2 hinges because this clients order has 2 hinges on it. This is for wooden storm doors, screen doors, light doors, Bommer doesn’t have a listed weight range for this but 20-30 pound sort of range. 2 is typically enough, I’m a fan of 3 spring hinges because you can kind of set the tension on multiple hinges better than oversetting the tension on the top hinge meaning that the top hinge is the one that does that does the majority of the work and in order to get the door to close you might need to turn the tension up quite high meaning to get enough inertia through the closing cycle to actually get it to a closed position and overcome the resistance of the latch bolt that may or may not be there, if that’s an issue you might consider more hinges or you might be more cautious or maybe just do 2 or 1 if you’ve got a hinge compatible with this axis of pivoting and I’m going to add more if you feel that that’s necessary, available in several different finishes on the website and the last thing that I’d like to point out is the Bommer logo there that you can see, see if we can trick the camera to focus on that, doesn’t like the lack of contrast without the color . Anyways it says Bommer, don’t know if you can see that, anyways it says, “made in USA,” and Bommer is quite proud of that as am I tor represent them. If you have any questions on the Bommer 2100 603 single acting spring hinge in zinc plated finish or any other Bommer product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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