Top Quality Heavy Hex Bolt with Hot DIP Galvanizing (A325) Supply to Madras

Top Quality
 Heavy Hex Bolt with Hot DIP Galvanizing (A325) Supply to Madras

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We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market, our Top Quality Heavy Hex Bolt with Hot DIP Galvanizing (A325) Supply to Madras, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

  • Year Round Electric Fishing Rod Holder – Tip Up, Ice & Summer Fishing. Over 450 in stock & Patent US D736,343 S

    Rod Tip Up – Made by DMS Fishing Inc. Milwaukee, WI.

    I guarantee if you are a SLEEPY fisherman, you will enjoy using this rod holder.

    Many rods and reels are lost because of inattentive anglers who leave their equipment unattended, don’t let this happen to you! The angler has to remain alert constantly — with bites coming along so infrequently at times, you can’t afford to miss a fish because of inattention, don’t let this happen to you!
    For the first time in your fishing experience’s you can relax, by not having to watch 3 or more fishing rods.
    Why not use the ultimate alert system? The angler will be alerted by 2 inches of line movement and about 1 ½ ounce of line force to many bites with this RodTipUp! Even a Pan fish will activate this RodTipUp!
    Many fishermen lure cast only, why not use 2 additional rods with live bait that you don’t have to watch with this RodTipUp and increase you fishing success!
    Many rods and reels are damaged by concrete abrasion because of not having a versatile rod holder that can be used almost anywhere, like this one can!
    Ice fish with your gloves on using your fishing poles and no more fishing line entangled in your winter boots or entangled in ice and snow!
    A game warden was giving an angler a ticket for inattentive fishing when this RodTipUp alerted the fisherman of a strike, the angler almost knocked down the warden, the fisherman then demonstrated the RodTipUp strike alerts to the warden; the warden tore up the inattentive fishing ticket. Save yourself a ticket while fishing inattentively / asleep!

    This Fishing Rod Tip Up can be used with 2.020″ Dia., fishing rod handles or less, and will enhance any fisherman’s success and location preference that alerts a fisherman a fish has factually struck their line. Open face reels can be used with bail open or closed. Closed faced reels the bail must be closed and or drag reduced. The Rod holder can be placed in 2 positions by changing the clamp position 90 degrees.

    Accessories included: Ground spike, angle iron and flat mounting brackets enables the fisherman’s use from shore, boat, and pier. The angle iron mounted to a 2′ long wide weighted board, is desirable with 8′ fishing rods, from any flat surface, including Ice Fishing using your favorite fishing rod and reel.

    Not Included 2 AAA batteries; extra 1/4″ nylock nuts & bolts or wood screws.

    Battery life in the tripped position is about 7 hours with the light emitting diodes and buzzer combined.

    Weather proofing the electrical system can be made simply by cutting a hole in the bottom of a sandwich bag and pulling it over the pipe end of the rod holder. To waterproof the Buzzer in wet weather, place a piece of tape across the sound port hole; muting the 85 decibels @ 2200 hertz buzzer.

    Two Light Emitting Diodes 19 Lumen each, aids the fisherman in illuminating their rod, reel and line movements, and in baiting, and can also be used for lighting emergencies, example to change a tire at night. Prevent hammer shock or drop-age to the electrical system and when straightening bent metal parts of the rod holder. The flag prevents the line from dropping down tangling into the spring. The steal allows for magnetic retrieval if submersed and is plated with yellow zinc dichromate finish.

    Instructions: Place fishing rod in the holder after casting, with fishing line coming from the bail nut, reel open / closed, to the flagpole in the set position, wrapping the line in a U-shape around the RodTipUp flag pole, your line leaves the flag pole, going up through your fishing rod line guides to your bait.

    Line forces: Around 2″ of line movement and one ounce of line pull will trip the Rod Tip Up.

    FISHING STYLES: Ice Fishing Tip Up or Slammer, Summer Fishing Tip Up, Pier Fishing Tip Up, Shore, Beach and Boat Fishing Rod Holder. The Most Versatile Rod Holder TipUp in the World!

    The Rod Tip Ups are brand-new and have been tested.
    Replacement Circuit Boards and parts sold separately.
    My E-Mail address is printed on every circuit board!
    “No warranties implied or expressed.”

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