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  • Application of Zinc to a piece of Mild Steel Checkered Plate

    This is a new configuration of the housing with the same plate arrangement.I have increased the wire size to #6 stranded copper.I used 5/16 brass bolts and brass nuts and washers at the electrical contact points inside at the stainless conductor strips and outside at the copper wire terminals.I put 1 1/4 inch diameter zinc plated steel washers between 5/16 split ring lock washers to act as cooling fins.I changed the stainless electrical conductor strips connecting the plates to the brass bolts from the 1/2 inch wide strips to a much thicker gauge and about an inch wide strip of stainless.After the run you see here the inside water temp was about 170 degrees F. I dissassembled and inspected the parts to find Heat damage to the home made hdpe washer on the negative terminal on the inside of the housing.This conductor strip is much shorter than the corresponding positive conductor and I believe the positive strip benefited by being cooled by the solution.I also noticed as the solution turned red from what I believe is iron coming from the plates production increased a lot as evident from the increase in flame size and temperature.The climbing temperature of the solution also probably increased the gas output also.

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