Well-designed Bottom price for Stainless Steel Round Head Screws supply for Domsupply forica Factory in Poland

 Bottom price for Stainless Steel Round Head Screws supply for Domsupply forica Factory in Poland

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We depend on sturdy technical force and continually create sophisticated technologies to meet the demand of Well-designed Bottom price for Stainless Steel Round Head Screws supply for Domsupply forica Factory in Poland, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

  • Good value at $899 CAD. International Shooting Supplies in Surrey, BC.


    Hi Tom,
    I have a PPFT and I’ll be filming a review on it for my YouTube Channel in the next couple of days. I wanted some general info about it to share with my audience.

    The bolt is black, what is the coating or treating on it?

    First of all, our bolts are manufactured by us – as are all the major component parts. Olympic Arms is the only major manufacturer that physically manufactures EVERY major component part for the AR15/M16 in house, including bolts, carriers, barrels, barrel extensions etc., etc. Our bolts are have a phosphate parkerization on them, mil-spec grade that again, we do in house.

    Also, what is your take on chrome lined vs non-chrome lined barrels?

    As a manufacturer of AR15’s for more than 37 years, as the oldest manufacturer of AR15’s and M16’s in the world outside of Colt, and as a military supplier not only for the US Military, but for foreign military departments, LE agencies and departments all over the world, the experience that Olympic Arms brings to the table it second to none. That said, we do not produce chrome lined barrels, nor do we recommend them for use.

    Here’s a few reasons why:

    1. Chrome lining degrades accuracy.
    a. In industry studies that have been produced over the years, it is a known fact that chrome lined barrels are less accurate than the same barrel, manufactured to equal standards, that is NOT chrome lined. In essence, chrome lining will degrade accuracy to some degree, and in every case.
    2. Chrome is also susceptible to rust and corrosion.
    a. It is not rust free and certainly not maintenance free. Even treated with lubricants and rust preventatives, chrome lined barrels are far more likely to develop rust and corrosion detrimental to the life expectancy and accuracy of the barrel under the same atmospheric conditions and maintenance conditions, when compared to barrels manufactured from 416 stainless steel.
    3. Chrome-lining is susceptible to failure.
    a. The Chrome lining in chromed barrels is only microns thick, but is inconsistent in the thickness of coating (degrading accuracy and making it harder to remove fouling then a non-chrome lined barrel), and is considerably harder than the steel beneath the chrome lining itself. What this produces is a state where the barrel steel itself is more flexible then the chrome lining, so that when the barrels flex under the heat and pressure of firing, the barrel steel flexes and the chrome does not. This produces small cracks and fissures in the chrome lining. Once the chrome begins to fail, it cannot be stopped and the barrel must be replaced to maintain top performance. This process can begin in as few as 600 rounds fired.
    4. Stainless Steel produces better Quality barrels.
    a. In several areas, 416 SS simply produces a better, more desirable barrel. It will produce a smoother bore which aids in velocity, reduces drag (thereby reducing temperature and fouling) and allows the barrel to shoot more consistently, and is easier to clean.
    5. A chrome lined barrel and chamber prevents the adjustment of headspace.
    a. What this means is that is during normal operations, normal wear and tear or other circumstances require the changing of the bolt on your AR15, the chambers cannot be adjusted to accommodate a new bolt is necessary. This leaves the owners left trying several different bolts (as additional cost to your budget and the WA taxpayer) until they find one that is within allowable tolerances. On the other hand, SS barrels CAN be adjusted to accommodate any new bolt. Plainly speaking, if your rifle with a chrome lined bore and chamber needs a replacement bolt, you may also have to replace the barrel with a bolt that matches, adding additional costs to the operator or taxpayer.
    6. Stainless steel dissipates heat faster than 4140 chromemoly –
    a. …which will help to increase the life of the barrel, and maintain a reduced point of impact shift as the barrels temperatures rise under heavy use.
    7. Stainless steel can be blackened:
    a. Stainless steel does not have to be bright or SS in finish. in a similar fashion to 4140 carbon steel in a process called ‘black oxiding’. You will not be able to tell the difference between a blackened SS barrel and a parkerized 4140 carbon steel barrel. The units will be delivered with a matte black finish that is durable and corrosion resistant.
    b. 416 stainless steel has been an acceptable alternative for mil-spec contracts that we have filled over the last 30 years.
    c. Testing done with the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Unit using 416 Stainless steel barrel, met or exceeded standards for Special Warfare use in every tested parameter.

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