Wholesale Price China Stainless Steel Thread Rods for Industry Factory from Nigeria

Wholesale Price China
 Stainless Steel Thread Rods for Industry Factory from Nigeria

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We support our buyers with ideal high quality products and high level service.Becoming the specialist manufacturer in this sector,we have gained rich practical experience in producing and managing.Our Wholesale Price China Stainless Steel Thread Rods for Industry Factory from Nigeria, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/MustangConnection1
    http://www.palmettoenterprises.net/ Contact Scott Owens 864-907-4751 to get their phosphate coatings for your restoration and please let him know you found him on Mustang Connection.
    The 1969 Mustang restoration gets some fine parts detailing. This video is a “how to” on preparing and apply phosphate coating. In this case 69 Mustang parts to restore certain parts to factory new condition. Many parts on Mustangs, specifically the hood hinges and springs, shock tower perches, hood latch, coil holder and a large variety of nuts and bolts came from the factory with a phosphate coating. Over time these parts are often painted after rust has taken over or just out of simplicity to clean up the engine compartment. Thanks to Scott Owens at Palmetto enterprises they offer a product that leaves a factory correct finish that any restorer would be proud to showcase. All of the automotive makers featured phosphate coated parts over a long period of time and this is a cost effective way for a DIYer to get it done. Hope you enjoy this video and please check out Palmetto for yourself. www.palmettoenterprises.net

    From Mustang Monthly
    “Right is right and factory is factory. Natural paint on fender bolts and washers, fasteners, and hood hinges may look close to factory original, but the factory finish was a coating of phosphate and lubricant for rust protection. Paint is easier to chip. The phosphate coating is more durable and resistant to corrosion, plus it’s correct for concours restorations.”
    How does parkerizing/phosphating work?
    Parkerizing is a process by which a microscopic layer of iron is removed and replaced with a microscopic layer of either zinc or manganese dioxide. The process utilizes two forms of mineral ores, zinc or manganese, and is commonly used on firearms as a more effective alternative to bluing (which is another form of a chemical conversion coating that was developed earlier), and for antique automobile restoration purposes. The Parkerizing process cannot be used on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, or copper. It similarly cannot be applied to steels containing a large amount of nickel, or on stainless steel.
    Palmetto Enterprises offers the zinc and manganese phosphates as a concentrate that is mixed only with water. All you need is a heat source and non-steel container (stainless steel, Pyrex glass, porcelain pot). The two are heated to a defined temperature. Then the cleaned parts (ie acid dipped, glass beaded, bead blasted, or sand blasted) are submersed for typically 10 to 15 minutes, removed after the chemical reaction process has taken place, sprayed with WD40, and then wiped dry. Instructions are provided with each order. Our product produces a smooth finish that is either charcoal black (when using the manganese phosphate) or light to medium gray ( when using the zinc phosphate ).

    Scott Owens

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